Getting Started

This playbook is structured to help you launch a Government Talent Pipeline as quickly as possible, with an eye towards achieving long-term sustainability.

Each of the playbook's sections walks you through one of the planning or program design stages and includes a case study of how we designed the first version of the program with New York City government.

Think about who you are serving

1. Workforce Analysis

Identify which jobs and departments to target

2. Student Analysis

Identify how many university graduates have relevant degrees

Make key operational decisions

3. Partners and Responsibilities

Decide how you are going to work with different partners

4. Hiring Mechanisms

Decide on the method for hiring program participants

Design the program

5. Job Descriptions

Create the roles for your pipeline

6. Participant Training

Design the training for program participants

Launch the program

7. Launching a Pilot

Start off with a small initial cohort